Hearts and Minds' Charter

If you’re a Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) perinatal mental health service and you’re inspired by continuous learning and sharing ideas within the thriving grassroots community, we’d love you to sign up to our Charter which embraces the spirit of The Hearts and Minds Partnership

When you sign up you will be automatically added to our newsletter, invited to our events and receive a specially designed 'I’ve signed up to the HM Charter’ image for your website and social media.

Please note that by signing the Charter you will join the Hearts and Minds community; however, this does not mean automatic inclusion on the map. If you would like to be included on our map of quality services, please click here.

The Hearts and Minds Partnership is a community of grassroots perinatal mental health services across England set up by a collective of three perinatal mental health charities; Acacia Family Support, Bluebell Care and Smile Group and supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.

This Charter sets out the intentions of the Partnership, and in doing so, any organisation within the community implicitly demonstrates its alignment with the vision, values and the spirit of the partnership.


The Hearts and Minds Partnership set out with a vision to connect and support VCS perinatal mental health services across England.

**Three key means of achieving this **

The Partnership identifies three clear ways to connect, support and celebrate the community of emerging and established VCS perinatal mental health services:

  1. By creating an interactive map of safe, quality grassroots PMH services across England in order to signpost parents as well as healthcare professionals to support and to identify the gaps.
  2. By providing trusted spaces to enable VCS groups to share their experiences, learn from each other and create a collective voice for the grassroots PMH sector.
  3. By developing and delivering training to support existing and emerging PMH VCS groups, to reflect the real-life challenges of growing, delivering and sustaining a safe, quality service.

Tone of Voice

The Hearts and Minds Partnership is a values-led collective. The name was deliberately chosen to establish a careful balance between the emotive, heart-led motivation behind the grassroots PMH sector, and the requirement for quality assurance, rigour and governance that is essential in the development of a third sector service.

*Culturally we are passionate, agile, non-hierarchical, responsive and collaborative. We roll up our sleeves and get things done in the spirit of teamship. We are always learning and our approach is shaped by real life experience on the ground of service delivery, celebrating success, being honest and open about the challenges and always exploring new ways of doing things. We act with integrity.*

*Our language is friendly (with a professional edge when it needs to be), supportive, inclusive, respectful and collaborative. It is imbued with compassion and integrity but also firm when it needs to be (robust kindness).*

*In external engagement our choice of words is considered and we aim to be responsive and helpful, without promising to deliver beyond the parameters of our scope of work. We refrain from engaging in any sensitive or inflammatory debate and are always mindful that we are representing the Partnership appropriately.*

By signing up to the Charter

Organisations within the grassroots perinatal mental health community:

  • are committed to our vision and ways of operating
  • actively participate in sharing its vision and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality assurance and best practice. We all recognise that no matter where you are on your organisational growth curve, we never stop learning and improving
  • are committed to supporting and listening to each other in an inclusive, open-hearted and generous way
  • are within the geographical parameters of an England-wide community
  • cannot use their involvement in the Hearts & Minds VCS community to suggest endorsement of specific products or activities

The Hearts and Minds Partnership is not a membership organisation, but rather a community with an aligned vision and intentions

Charter graphic

Once you have signed up to the charter you will be able to use our Charter graphic to illustrate your involvement with the Hearts and Minds Partnership. An example is shown below.

On behalf of my organisation, I sign up to The Hearts and Minds Charter as an expression of goodwill and in alignment with its shared vision and values.